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Serafim Limited is a company that specialises in solving non-standard problems in engineering, mathematics and programming. Clients have included major oil companies such as Maersk, Shell, Addax Petroleum, Repsol, engineering companies such as Stolt, and a range of consultancies.
The motivation behind the work of Serafim is the notion that, in order to solve practical problems, it is necessary to understand them. This understanding can best be built up through a combination of knowledge, computer modelling and the application of mathematical reasoning.

Who are we?

Peter Cunningham - Founder, FUTURE Development
Peter has been working in the oil industry for 25 years, in several different technical fields, including Petrophysics, reservoir simulation, computational mathematics and programming. He has a MA degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Brian Arcedera - FUTURE Support
Brian is highly skilled at both programming and reservoir engineering, especially geothermal reservoir engineering. He has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University.

David Masson - Marketing
David recently retired (March 2106) from Royal Dutch Shell where his ultimate role was VP for Upstream Development Growth and JVs as well as being Shell's Group Chief Reservoir engineer, a role he had held for 10 years. He has a BSc in Applied Physics from Strathclyde University and a Masters in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot Watt.

Jim McCann - Research and Development
Besides his Serafim work, Jim lectures in Mathematics at Queen's University Belfast. His current research interests include optimization and simulation in the oil & gas industry as well as developing mathematical and data science techniques to applications in the financial sector. He has a BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics, and a PhD in Theoretical Physics, both from Queen's University Belfast.

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