reservoir engineering skills and experience

The SERAFIM Ltd team includes people from rich and diverse background. We emphasise strong academic backgrounds, advanced mathematical skills and experience in the oil & gas industry.

Reservoir Engineering
We have an extensive experience in RE with the largest companies. We also have a thorough understanding of the theoretical aspect and strive to bear in mind the practical limitations that a field development may encounter. Over the years, we developed unique skills in the use of mathematical derivations in Reservoir Engineering problems.

Field development
We have worked on several field development projects ranging from onshore sulphurous oil fields in the northern Caspian basin to offshore heavy oil fields in the Persian Golf. We apply the same philosophy and thinking; seeking to provide advice based on a thorough knowledge of the field, the context and the market. We provide unique methodologies, not only in reservoir studies, but also in financial mathematics. These unique methodologies can potentially offer you access to investments otherwise overlooked.

Production forecast and optimisation
We are at the forefront of production forecasting and optimisation technology. We developed innovative methods and algorithms in this area and are continuing to do so. Serafim FUTURE is a demonstration of our achievements in this field.

Modelling and simulating
Our team has extensive experience and has successfully completed industrial and research projects in mathematical modelling ranging from reservoir simulations to finite element analysis and fluid flow CFD methods.

We are interested in building strong relationships with our clients and in working with them as a team. 90% of our activities are repeat business demonstrating our competencies and skills both technical and interpersonal.

Projects geography

• North sea
• Nigeria
• Kazakhstan
• Iran
• Russia
• Brunei

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