SERAFIM Limited gets as much pride from its steady organic growth as from its satisfied customers. Here is what our clients think of us.

"After the evaluation phase we decided to use Future above other less user-friendly software packages. The following shows a few evaluation points.

One advantage is the ability to transform production data easily from an OFM database into a clarifying interface using a MS Access query. A typical oil field is now structured in a simple way subdivided by reservoirs and flow stations..."


“With Future we solved problems that bigger companies are still struggling with.”

“SERAFIM Ltd keeps to its promise of 24hrs response time.”

“Future simplifies tasks. The concept of notional production time is very useful. Future helps to eliminate errors.”

“There is always somebody who looks at the problem and provides a quick answer. This is a sign of high competence.”

“Future saves two weeks per year for every reservoir engineer we have just by using it for reserves updates.”

“Software packages development becomes reality with SERAFIM Ltd. They have the ability to move from concept to product”

“Staff knowledge in maths, database design, and software development is very good. It is the basis of SERAFIM Ltd difference.”

“SERAFIM’s key strength is their combination of skills.”

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